Phelisanong Centre

In Lesotho access to school can be prohibitive for low or no income families or students without parents. Glasswaters education support began in 2008 and we now fund access to high schooling and vocational training for 58 vulnerable and orphaned youth in the Pitseng region. The children are recommended to Glasswaters by the Phelisanong Education Committee according to need and program oversight is provided by the Centre’s staff. Glasswaters also funds workshops and self-directed education opportunities in youth leadership for post-secondary students who have completed their high school under Glasswaters sponsorship.

Glasswaters supports 100 children and adults with disabilities at the Phelisanong Centre. By providing for shelter, food and care, basic everyday needs that are critical to survival, we help the residents to thrive under the compassionate supervision of Phelisanong’s caregivers.